Rita Bucheit Ltd.’s Conservation Facilities in Austria

The master conservators at Rita Bucheit Ltd. work at a facility located on an expansive 55 acres in the famous Helental Valley, a 30-minute drive from Vienna. To compliment the rich history of the collection, the grounds are close to the Biedermeier city of Baden, the former summer residence of royalty of the Austrian-Hungarian empire.

The facility also serves as a welcoming point and conference center for historians, artists, musicians and other professionals. It is a perfect setting for those who want to enjoy the beauty and cultural life of the Austrian countryside and Vienna itself.  Nearby is the 2000 year-old monastery of Heiligenkreuz – an important cultural institution housing an important collection of Austrian Medieval and Baroque art.

Conservation Services in Chicago

The Chicago-based conservation affiliate, JR-Quality, is an experienced team of master craftsmen from Austria. They specialize in the restoration and conservation of antique furniture from the 17th through the 20th centuries – Baroque, Empire, Biedermeier, Vienna Secession, Art Deco, and more. Click on their logo below to visit their site.

JR-Quality, LLC
Telephone: 312.212.3662
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